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Congratulations on becoming part of Cutting Edge Academy’s Entry-Level Welder Training course.  This online training program is designed to help prepare you for success on the American Welding Society’s Sense Module Tests as well as the Certified Weld Tests and is a supplement to your textbook and course materials.  Our website will help guide you through those materials and will aid you in your studies.  You can find help on how to login and prepare for the AWS Sense Module tests, as well as class notes and links to instructional videos.  Our Welder Training is an intensive six-week course divided into two three-week sections.  The first three weeks will cover the knowledge portion and the following three weeks will consist of hands-on training using the information and knowledge gained in the first three weeks in preparation for the AWS Weld Tests.  If you have any questions, you can also find help from your instructor and how to contact us through this website.  Good luck in your welder training and future career!


Welcome/Online Instructions

This welcome video is a brief introduction to your online instructor and navigating our website and course materials. It explains important pages at the beginning of your textbook, focusing on the syllabus and textbook guide.

AWS Website

This video will help you complete the important step of logging in to American Welding Society’s website, www.senseonline.org. It is important to remember that you will need to complete your Profile to access the Module tests within the Sense website. This video should answer any questions you have on this process, please contact us immediately if you are having any issues logging into www.senseonline.org.

Format of Modules and Module Tests

In this video, Michael discusses the format of the Module tests and the breakdown of the Modules: 1: Occupational Orientation, 2: Safety and Health of Welders, 3: Drawing and Welding Symbol Interpretation, 4: Shielded Metal Arc Welding, 5: Gas Metal Arc Welding, 6: Flux Core Arc Welding, 7: Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, 8: Thermal Cutting Processes, 9: Welding Inspection and Testing. He even gives you a few tips on how to approach a timed, multiple-choice, true or false test like each of the AWS Module tests. Understanding the format of the online test and content is crucial to succeeding.

American Welding Society SENSE Website

Login and create Profile to gain access to AWS SENSE tests